The story so far

The story so far is one of disarray. When Harold Macmillan became prime minister of the United Kingdom, he was asked what would dictate the course of government; to which he replied “events”.

Well events have prevented the good governance of this blog to date. The author’s intention was to deal with all the technical stuff (which he doesn’t understand at all really) whilst enjoying a few days under the broad autumnal skies of the Suffolk coast, about as far away from the mountains as possible. The blog would then leap forth at the start of the ski season, fully formed and fit for purpose.

Instead, events intervened and much of the autumn was spent commuting along the M6. So instead of arriving in a measured, orderly fashion, Idle thoughts from a mountain comes into the world like an edition of the Guardian newspaper from the 1970s, rushed and quite possibly full of errors. Let’s hope things improve with the next update, which will be soon hopefully.

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