Snowy Sunday

This is becoming a recurring theme. Is the needle stuck I wonder? Sunday morning came with plenty of snow falling, but also with stormy conditions and the wind blowing yet again. Much of the mountain was closed. I caught a train for Scheidegg, but it terminated at Wengenalp as there was too much snow on the track further up.

In theory, Wixi was open, although the staff clearing the terrace at the Hotel Jungfrau at Wengenalp thought not. A few of us took the chance of having to walk out of the valley and headed on the path to the bottom of the Wixi lift. Relief! It was open. However, at the top, the lift man said they were closing immediately, so I made slow progress along the race course to Bumps T Bar. Slow, because the wind made it almost impossible to ski. It is an odd sensation, pointing downhill on a steep slope and not moving at all.

A few runs on Bumps and one on the slalom course at Inner Wengen saw me done. The tally was 2,468 vertical metres in ten lifts. As I went through the village, I saw that more lifts were opening up, but London was calling and I had to answer.

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