Frog free Sunday

Contrary to expectations, mine anyway, Sunday dawned cold and crisp with the promise of sun. I made an early start to avoid the worst of the crush at the cable car, but the early birds for the Migros Grand Prix were already at Mannlichen.


The photograph shows the first racers slide slipping down the course in a truly  professional manner, better to learn its difficulties.

I made a quick trip over to Scheidegg to meet Mrs IS and we skied in the morning sun. It was busy there too, with the International school races continuing and plenty of local people enjoying the day.  At mid-day, it was time to beat a retreat.  London was calling again.

It had been a good weekend, with 35,493 vertical metres covered in 80 lift rides. I had skied Gummi Nord for the first time in a crow’s age and had a trip down Oh God! as well.  The weather had been kind, without even a single frog.

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