Once in a while everything coincides perfectly.  Yesterday it snowed; today was sunny unexpectedly.  The early weekenders stayed away, deterred I am sure by the expectation of indifferent weather. The result for those of us we did show up was a great day’s skiing.

I am by no means a great piste skier and my off piste skiing could be described best as distinctly shabby, but today everything went well.  The morning was cold and bright and I managed to put a few on piste kilometres under my belt.

However, the off piste beckoned; frankly, conditions were so good, it would have been rude to ignore them.  By chance, I had arranged to ski in the afternoon with Pierre Lanz from the Privat Ski School and so for the first time this season, I ventured beyond the confines of the piste. It went well.


My tracks are on the right; I missed the tree, just. To follow the shameless name dropping of the other day, here is another photograph to add to the equally shameless bragging:


Not every day is the sky so clear or the skiing so good, but when it happens, you have to make the most of it, The day produced 10,064 vertical metres (about half of that off piste) in 22 lift rides.

Tomorrow’s forecast is not great again, but who knows.

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