Fake weather

Fake news seems common place, so at least we are told almost daily at the moment. The leader of the free world seems to be suffering more than most.  Here in Wengen we are suffering from fake weather.  Although that is all to the good; for three days now the “real’ weather has beaten the forecast by some margin.

Friday I have already mentioned.  Saturday was far better than expected.  The day trippers stayed away yet again and for those of us here anyway there was a good day’s skiing on quiet pistes.  The only ski club to make it to the mountain, apart from the local clubs of course, seemed to be that from Boningen.  I saw them as they passed me en masse on the downhill course. It was difficult not to notice them; thirty skiers overtaking just before the tunnel under the railway sticks in the mind a little.

Today was a more of the same.  A hazy sun shone and all was for the best in the best of all possible worlds.


Of course, not everybody thinks this is the best of all possible worlds.  I might think about that a bit for my next post.

The last couple of days brought 21,388 vertical metres in 46 lift rides.

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