My only sunshine

The morning dawned bright, clear and still very cold thankfully.  I skied in the sun on quiet pistes.  It will change completely next week when the half term bun fight begins, so best to make the most of it.

At the beginning of the Lager lift there is always music.  Today was the dibbly dobbly  stuff, but familiar still. “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” Now I have said in an earlier post that it is difficult to beat a snowy day, but today it was equally hard to argue with the song: “please don’t take my sunshine away”.

The song stuck in my head all the way to the top of the lift.  I will be humming it for days probably.  At the top, I thought I had better record the moment. So here is the Lager lift in the sun:


I knew though I shouldn’t have mentioned the foehn in my post yesterday.  It showed up this afternoon, uninvited to the party but here anyway. Soon after mid-day, the cloud was sat behind the mountains quite ominously


At about 3.00pm Blackrock was windy near the top and half an hour later it had spread as far as Wixi, but it didn’t blow strongly enough to close any lifts. Tomorrow it is forecast to snow, but the foehn might have other ideas.

The last couple of days saw 22,716 vertical metres in 49 lift rides.

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