Good(ish) Samaritan

A guide dog with good local knowledge would have been useful this afternoon.  Visibility was, shall we say, a tad poor.  The photograph shows the day just as the weather closed in:


On the way down Wixi late on I met (by chance in the circumstances) an elderly English couple.  I hope I am doing as well at their age, but they were quite lost. “Do you know the way down?” one asked, which in theory I did.  The question translated roughly into “will you show us the way down?”.  So I took the front of this little crocodile, the blind leading the blind.

However, countless trips down Wixi leaves some instinct as to the way home and by luck and probably not good management, we reached the bridge over the railway without mishap. So that is my good(ish) deed for the day.

I have realised that in bad weather, I have a slight drift to the left. That is not a political statement; I just favour my left turn. As a consequence, I have fallen off all sorts of things.  The traverse at Mannlichen and the traverse over to the Lager lift to name just a couple of the highlights.

The day started rather better weather wise. A trip down Gummi Nord showed just how much snow has fallen this season:


So not such a poor snow record after all.

The day brought 8,224 vertical metres in 21 lift rides.

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