I can see clearly now

Is it possible to have less the zero visibility? It felt like that this morning when the cloud shrouded the mountain in a malevolent cloak.

Mrs IS and I ventured out early; half term seems to have started sooner than expected by a day or so and the village is already awash with people.  An early appointment at the cable car is advised.

However, Mrs IS is nothing if not decisive and after a while she concluded that the best thing was to kick the whole idea into the long grass (or the deep snow) and she headed off for a cup of coffee.  Me, I am the eternal optimist, so I blundered around the hill in the hope that things would improve. They did eventually, late on and briefly.  Here is the sun, almost shining:


For a while it was possible to see the route ahead, often quite clearly.

I posted yesterday a photograph of the sign at the top of the Schilthorn; I have been thinking about that since. It is not the sort of thing they would record wrongly around here, but from the personal heart rate point of view, the convex slope at the top of Oh God! seems steeper to me.

Sheer dogged persistence brought 10,363 vertical metres in 24 lift rides.

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