Not with a bang

You can have the best ski resort in the world, but if the weather is working against you, few people will turn up.

Today, it didn’t rain a great deal, but for much of the time it was a tight call as to whether it was better than yesterday or not. The cloud sat pretty much at piste height once more and it was warm; despite everything the snow was good.

Most people had voted with their ski boots and the mountain was very quiet yet again. The sun tried to make an appearance about mid-day, but was beaten back by the clouds.

It doesn’t take much to turn things around though and mid-afternoon the sun took a proper bow.  The photograph shows the Grindelwaldblick restaurant as things brightened up:


For the next hour or so, the day was tremendous.  It was too little too late though and I suspect most hire skis were back in the shops by then. People on holiday this week had a mixed time; a couple of memorable days early on and some disappointment to follow.

So the big half term week is over, not with a bang but a whimper.  The day brought 8,178 vertical metres in 18 lift rides.

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