It’s a big thing around here. There are people with traditional skills in making toboggans, or so it seems. I have been passing this building for years and I hope it is not just an old sign long forgotten:


Tobogganing skills seem to have been forgotten though. When the ski shops hire out a sledge, it seems the customer leaves behind common sense along with the deposit.  People ignore the designated routes and sledge on the pistes and even lose their “schlitten”. Many times I have seen runaway sledges; the favoured route is under the Lager lift, where they cannon down the steepish slopes of the gully beneath in a sort of riderless Cresta run.

Maybe there should be a sledging licence and “L” plates attached to the back of beginners.

Today brought all sorts of conditions: sun (early on), rain (briefly, thankfully, at least above Bumps T bar), snow (above Bumps T bar, needless to say) and a white out (late on). Mrs IS and I once skied in Whistler where it seemed each day had bits from all four seasons. It felt like that all day.

A mixed day brought 10,139 vertical metres in 22 lift rides.

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