Last stage from Interlaken

It’s not quite the same as the last stage from Dodge City, but the 23.04 post bus from Interlaken Ost is the latest public transport to Lauterbrunnen from points west on any given night.  So when  someone boards that bus still in their ski gear, boots and all, you can be sure he or she has had a couple of drinks.

Last night a skier made it on to the bus at Zweilutschinen.  She struggled to coordinate sitting down and holding her skis, so in the end she stood in the middle of the bus, swaying gently with the motion. She seemed content though.

At Lauterbrunnen, it was cold and the passengers from the bus were greeted by snow falling gently.  It boded well after the warm days of last week.

The morning was grey in the village but on the mountain the sun struggled to make an appearance, winning through occasionally. As the day went on, the cloud grew thicker and it was pretty much back to the season norm for a while.  Late on though the sun rallied again on the tops:

Wixi shortly before the lifts closed

The snow was fantastic throughout the day, cold and crisp giving great skiing.

Mixed visibility brought 10,021 vertical metres in 22 lift rides.


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