Sun, sun, sun

The sun shone today.

Mrs IS and I headed off early.  We expected to queue at the cable car, but incredibly we walked straight on without the slightest delay.  Inevitably though on such a beautiful morning, people turned up and around about mid-day, after a five minute queue at Lager, Mrs IS remembered an important appointment with her deck chair back in Wengen.

I skied over to Scheidegg. Just above Arvengarten is an open air bar.  It is the best weather vane in the area. It goes as follows roughly: (1) sunny and the bar open beyond mid-day means sun all day; (2) sunny but the bar closing early means a quick down turn in the weather quite soon; (3) dull and the bar open means the weather will improve sooner than you think; and (4) bar closed means poor weather all day.

Arvengarten bar with a couple of customers

I spent all day thinking it wasn’t busy, but in fact there were a few people around.  A busier than appreciated day brought 9,302 vertical metres in 20 lift rides.

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