Deja vu

I am sure last Sunday was exactly the same in almost every detail.  Visibility today was very poor, like last week.  Actually, there was some sun at the very top, but dropping down a hundred metres or so put paid to that.

Mannlichen looking deceptively benign

I headed to Lager and it was broken, as it was last week. So I headed back to the Mannlichen chair only for it to stop whilst I was in the queue. So far, so familiar.  Eventually I made it to the top, but again an hour had passed and I had skied one run. The difference this week was that I needed to do some chores in Wengen and had an earlier than usual train to catch as well, so time pressures were already there.

I headed for Scheidegg to find the Lager lift running again as I passed underneath it (for the avoidance of doubt, the same as last week).  I had decided by then that I really need to get a move on and from Gummi, I took an empty Arven chair with a view to taking the Lauberhorn lift and then skiing to Innerwengen.

That plan was scuppered by a massive queue at Lauberhorn, which at least was something new.  Was there free beer at the top?  Diverting from there, I was forced to pole along the path from Scheidegg – not my favourite pastime – but was finally rewarded by a decent ski from the top of Bumps T bar to Innerwengen.

A strangely familiar, rather rushed morning brought 2,483 vertical metres in six lifts.

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