Zweilutschinen: party village?

Last week a benign, slightly tiddly skier boarded the bus at Zweilutschinen. Last night, it was an abusive and aggressive  drunk in a Bayern Munich bomber jacket. Is there a secret night club in Zweilutschinen where everyone (those in the know anyway) goes to party?  If you know the place, you wouldn’t think so and I suppose they are just refugees from the bars of Grindelwald.

Earlier in the day I woke to find fresh snow on the ground, which would have been fine, if I had not been in London.  As it was, we were one step away from a state of emergency.  Most flights were cancelled – it’s a Pavlovian reaction unrelated to what is happening really – but my flight slipped under the wire.

So I was on the 23.04 post bus as usual and when we reached Zweilutschinen, a member of the railway station staff stopped the bus short of its usual halt and poured the Bayern Munich fan through the door. As I say, he was abusive and aggressive to the world in general, but after a few minutes he collapsed in a heap on the back seat.  When we reached Lauterbrunnen, he was fast asleep.  He might be there still.

Mrs IS and I found fresh snow on the ground again this morning and although it kept snowing until early afternoon, the visibility was good.

The north face of the Eiger in the afternoon

The snow was not just good, but absolutely fantastic and it was a great day,  capped by the best ski of the season on the downhill course.

A wonderful day brought 10,380 vertical metres in 22 lift rides.

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