I know that a good lunch is an essential part of the ski day for many people. A couple of hours on the slopes followed by two or three courses of the best food the mountain has to offer all makes for the perfect day.

In the Jungfrau region there are quite a few places where you can tie on the nose bag quite happily.  The Hotel Aspen, the Hotel Jungfrau and the Hotel Bellevue des Alpes spring to mind immediately. There are plenty of other places, busy and quiet.

A quiet place for lunch

I am in the minority on this one, but I do have to ask why?  It seems to me that having travelled the best part of 700 hundred miles to be here to ski, I might just do that, go skiing. A few years ago a friend and colleague was in Wengen and we ate at Scheidegg.  We were through the restaurant in twenty minutes.  On the way out, she commented that she hadn’t had lunch but had been refuelled.

All of which seems fine to me.  If I want a good meal, I can have some of the best food in the world only ten minutes from my office.   I know this is a discussion I cannot win, so each to his own. Lunchtime does means the mountain empties nicely.

A dull morning followed by a fifteen minute pit stop to refuel and a sunny afternoon (sort of anyway, let’s just say it tried) brought 10,985 vertical metres in 24 lift rides.

2 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. You can always have a nice relaxed lunch of 30 minutes or so on the Grund-Scheidegg train with a bargain sandwich at the bottom for 3,50.- if you forget your picnic!


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