The foehn is back

The weather forecast promised the foehn’s return today after an absence of several weeks and it didn’t disappoint.  It was there to greet us full face when we left the cable car first thing and after that, it just followed everyone around, seeking attention.

It blew at the Mannlichen chair and stronger still at Lager. The foehn is always a worry on a travel day.  The question is, will I make it back to Wengen as planned in order to, well, leave again?

So I decided to head over to Scheidegg quickly as there is always the path to Wengen if all else fails.  The Gummi lift had an interesting, wind driven twenty degree slant to it and the two middle aged Swiss ladies on the same chair as me had the fixed smiles of people having a really good time.

At the top of Gummi, it was hard to move against the wind, but dropping down a few metres made all the difference and I headed for the three lifts at Arven quite happily.   Only Eigernordwand was open, but that seemed okay.  From the top, I could ski to Wixi and enjoy a couple of runs there before heading down.

The only draw back to this plan was that when I reached the bottom of Wixi, the lift was closed.  A small group stood forlornly by the barrier, hoping I suppose for a sudden change in the weather.

No one shall pass

Already though most people had decided that was quite unlikely and they were making the fifteen minute walk up the path to Wengenalp.  I joined them and before long I was on my skis again.

The morning had flown by though and so I headed to the village, with just enough time to spare for a second run at Innerwengen.

A wind assisted morning brought 3,001 vertical metres (plus whatever the vertical gain is from the bottom of Wixi lift to the path at Wengenalp) in seven lift rides.

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