End of term

The Idle Skiers’ season still has a couple of weeks to run, but Wednesday evening had an end of term feel to it.  I am here for the duration now, so Wednesday involved the last rush to City airport, the last dash through Zurich airport for the train, the last cold wait at Berne for the connecting train and the last 23.04 bus from Interlaken.

There weren’t any drunks on the bus this time, benign or otherwise, but there was something of a party spirit, with beers being passed around and a babble of conversation.   At party central, otherwise known as Zweilütschinen, there was no snow on the ground for the first time this season.

It is still cold though and after a couple of days snow and in Wengen, the trees were heavily laden .  The sun was out yesterday morning and the view from the cable car platform was enticing.

View from the cable car platform

The sun hid itself behind some thickish cloud as the day went on, but the skiing was never less than excellent and an enjoyable day brought 12,855 vertical metres in 28 lift rides.

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