Crowded mountain

I thought last Sunday that the season was close to being finished.  The snow was excellent, but the people were missing.  Today they turned up en masse, possibly for one last hurrah this season.

The crowds were to say the least, well, crowded.  In Switzerland though the lift queues are polite and ordered. A similar day in France would have caused a scrum of which Stade Francais (a rugby team, for those in doubt) would have been quite proud.

Fighting for the lift at Lager

One thing you can rely on though is that come mid-day, the people will disappear from the slopes and the queues will be in the restaurants instead.  In fact, the best time to ski on a sunny Saturday is early afternoon, when the terraces are full and the slopes suddenly empty.

Mrs IS and I were meant to meet for an early lunch today, timed to make the most of that quiet patch. Things didn’t quite work out though as Mrs IS thought we were meeting in one place and I thought we were meeting somewhere else. A problem solved easily by modern technology?  Only if the batteries work.

We met up eventually, but it was early evening by then.  Come the evening proper, we celebrated a friend’s birthday in a local restaurant.  All in all, a good day.

A good, busy day brought 11,659 vertical metres in 25 lift rides.

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