Pie night

Tonight was steak and kidney pie night at the Idle Skiers’ home.  Most years the usual group gather for a bit of solid English fare.  According to my camera ‘phone, the pie was 1.6 MB in size and it seemed every byte of that.

A 1.6MB Kate and Sidney pie

It seems to me that wherever you go, however much you enjoy your adopted home, there is still a hankering for some things from your place of birth.  In London, every nationality is catered for, from Australia (Vegemite will do as an example) through Nigeria (Guinness, stronger than its Irish origins) to South Africa (any number of Afrikaner meat products). In Switzerland, we have to make the effort ourselves.

On the mountain today, we worked our way through all four seasons at least twice.  We woke to rain, then it snowed, followed by fantastic sunshine and so on until the late afternoon descended into a Stygian gloom.

A day of mixed weather and lots of pie brought 10,568 vertical metres in 22 lift rides.

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