It’s still winter

It was raining last night when the Idle Skiers hit the hay, but that must have turned to snow quickly as this morning there was fresh snow down to Lauterbrunnen. On Mannlichen, a metre or more had fallen.

The lifts were closed first thing to give the pisteurs some time to give the mountain a quick spring clean. That word again, “spring”.  Spring snow, spring sunshine, spring weather.  None of these apply; it is still winter.

So it was 11.00am when the first cable car set out. It was worth the wait, with the new deep snow all around.  It was slightly wet snow admittedly, the one concession to it being 31 March.

There had been a queue for that first cable car, but it was made up of locals mainly.  Lots of people had arrived in the village the night before, just for the Easter weekend, but few of them ventured out.

So I worked my way around the mountain in more or less splendid isolation. Above Arven, it was just about deserted.

Above the Arven lift

The Eigernordwand chair was closed – the spring cleaning hadn’t reached there – and I am sure the avalanche risk under the Eiger was substantial.

This really is quite a winter.  As I write, the snow is falling harder than ever.  What will tomorrow bring?  There are people scattered around Wengen who can hardly wait to see.

A short but brilliant day brought 7,744 vertical metre in 17 lift rides.



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