Mannlichen closes

Today was the last day of the season for Mannlichen.  I had thought that the busy days were over, but the sun shone this morning and people turned up to ski.  At 9.20am today, the queue for the cable car stretched some way out of the door. Things moved pretty quickly though and by 9.50am I was on my skis and away.

It was a great morning all round and it is a terrible shame that so much of the skiing is now closed. The snow coverage is as good as it might be at the end of January.  So there are now many thousands of cubic metres of snow with no apparent purpose.  There we are, lots of snow going cheap.  No reasonable offer refused.  In fact, free to a good home.

Spare snow

It is April of course and the day warmed up.  The pistes were sticky in the afternoon and skiing on the southerly facing slopes particularly was a bit of a stop start affair. It might have been a lot worse though, they might have closed a day earlier.

A true spring day brought 10,416 vertical metres in 22 lift rides.

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