Piste bashers

When Wengen was first a ski resort, the skiers took the snow as they found it.  Within my skiing memory as well – Austria in December 1972 – the slopes were untamed really.

Today, the piste bashers do as the name suggests, bash all before them. This afternoon they turned their attention to the top of the Lauberhorn downhill course.  Four of them maintained a complicated dance around each other, like scorpions looking for the kill.

Scorpions on the Lauberhorn

Yesterday, the race course was open from Bumps T Bar.  Today, it was open from the Russi jump.  Tomorrow, scorpions willing, the whole thing will be skiable.

It was another blue sky day and a reasonable number of skiers meant that the slopes became a tad on the slick side.  Apparently, there is not a bed to be had in town from Saturday, so with plenty of people and with fresh snow forecast only after the new year, it could be fast going next week.  I thought it a good idea to have my ski edges sharpened this evening.

Skiline has woken up, so the scores on the doors for the season after 13 days are 108,472 vertical metres skied, with 242 lift rides and 568 kilometres travelled.

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