Not with a bang

The skiing for 2018 is done and there is only the partying left in the old year.  The last day didn’t go with a bang and it didn’t go with a whimper either.  It wasn’t too busy, too icy, too cold or a day of unremitting flat light.  It was an okay sort of day, with okay skiing in okay conditions. The sun made an apprearance intermittently.

Above Tschuggen T bar

The partying will be long and serious tonight.  It will be loud too, judging by the amount of ordnance masquerading as fireworks which has been sold in the last few days.  About midnight, the high street is going seem like the first day of the Somme .

Will the Idle Skiers see in the new year?  We are having dinner with friends, but as everyone wants to ski in the quiet of new year’s morning, I suspect not.

The last day of the year brought 9,745 vertical metres in 21 lift rides and 51 kilometres travelled.

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