Lost and found

Yesterday, it was Lost Horizon.  Today, everything was lost in heavy cloud.  The good news is that the cloud brought some fresh snow.  It wasn’t much, but it freshened things up.  Later on, the sun broke through and we found that the Eiger was where we had left it the day before.

The Eiger, found once more

We have just returned from dinner in an Indian restaurant. It seems odd always eating Indian food in a Swiss mountain village, but the meal was excellent and the company convivial.

It was a cold walk home.  Our thermometer claims it is minus 2.5c at the moment, but it seems colder than that.  Tomorrow promises to be cold properly, which is all to the good.  It might be time though to dig out some extra layers of clothing.

A thoroughly chilly scoot round the mountain brought 8,950 vertical metres in 19 cold lift rides and 49 kilometres travelled.

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