Michelin Man

The Idle Skiers were off bright and early this morning, but the queue for the cable car still stretched some way out of the door.

It was coldest day of the season by far.  Mrs IS wrapped up warmly.  Me, I did my best impersonation of the Michelin man.  We have skied in far colder conditions, both here and in Colorado in particular, but today I added layer upon layer as the morning progressed. It didn’t help that the sun disappeared for a while.

Still sunny, just about

At the moment, the thermometer says minus 6.5c.  I think we must have left it in the oven.  It is definitely colder than that.

After yesterday, I thought the busy period was over, but the day seemed to become busier and busier.  The lift queues on the hill were long and cold.  I have just heard that many two day tickets have been sold by the lift company, so everyone will be back tomorrow. Good for business, if not freezing fingers.

A colder than advertised day brought 6,785 veritcal metres skied in 15 lift rides and 38 kilometres travelled.

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