I have noticed looking back over the last few days’ posts that I have commented upon – possibly whinged about – the cold weather.  Anyway, today was a good winter’s day; it snowed nicely and despite the cloud, visibility was good. Also, it was not too cold.

The snow kept people away as well, so it was the quietest day on the piste for a couple of weeks.  The Idle Skiers were away early again and straight onto the cable car.  There is not much more to say about the skiing, it was a very good day.

The view from Wengenalp

The village is busy still though.  We walked through the high street an hour or so ago and the hotels seem to be doing very nicely, which is good news after a few quietish winter seasons. We were on our way back from an apero – a drinks party to the rest of the world – which was lively and good fun.

The last couple of days have brought 17,108 vertical metres in 38 lift rides and 88 kilometres travelled.

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