Wengen particular

London fogs, within seventy years or so, when pollution and the prevailing atmosphere were just right, produced a “London particular”, with cloud so thick life was reduced to a walking pace.

This morning, we had a Wengen particular.  The pollution was absent, but so was the visibility.  Okay, there were hints of sun and in places and it was possible to see quite easily; in other places though, there was nothing to see at all.  Skiing there was at a walking pace.

Mrs IS and I had set out separately this morning and met by chance above the Tschuggen T bar.  We staggered down to Holenstein and took the bubble back to the top, where Mrs IS kicked the day into the deep snow.  Just in time for the sun to show up.

From beneath the Lager chair at 2.00pm

As usual, perseverance is rewarded.  It seems the forecast is different for the next couple of days, with very heavy snow expected.  I hope only that it turns up before I have to leave.  Far better to be snowed in than snowed out.

A day of contrasts brought 8,360 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 46 kilometres travelled.


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