Beside the seaside…

…Beside the sea. That well known music hall song.  The Idle Skier is indeed away from the mountains and by the seaside.  I thought by way of evidence, I would add a photograph of the sea.  The only problem with that idea is that, around here, the sea disappears at low tide, leaving only deep water channels and quicksand.

Close to low tide

The hills of the Lake District are constant though. I thought they might be snow capped, but no such luck on a grey Lancashire day.

In Wengen of course, it’s the Lauberhorn tomorrow.  The weather forecast for race day seems good and things will be approaching fever pitch now. Hereabouts, I think Saturday will be grey again and without sun at all, but, on the bright side, not raining.

A day in the north west of England brought zero vertical metres in zero lift rides with 60 miles travelled (on a trip to Windermere with Mrs IS senior).

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