Planes and trains

Today was pretty gloomy when the Idle Skiers surfaced from under the duvet.  However, things turned around quickly and by the time the breakfast toast was eaten, the sun was showing through.

It was a bit of a rush to the cable car after that.  It was worthwhile though.  I always like mornings when you can see to ski, but the mountain is still lost in the haze.  This morning was just that.

Shadows on Mannlichen 

The photograph shows about as many people as I saw all day.  It was cold (sorry, no whinging there, just saying).  The snow was wonderful though.

Things didn’t go quite so well last night.  After ten days away, I made a prompt start to Wengen.  All went well to Zurich.  We landed before schedule and I was heading for an early train.  The only difficulty was that it was broken.  That is the third time in fourteen months; unprecedented, I think.  After that, the sleek Italian train to Milan Central, stopping conveniently at Spiez, was short of three carriages, so it was standing room only.  It makes a change, the plane being prompt and the trains being late.

A day when the Idle Skier was pretty keen to be skiing again brought 11,200 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 63 kilometres travelled.

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