Not over yet

The Idle Skier had an early departure from Wengen today, so it was a prompt start to the morning’s skiing.  I was expecting all to be quiet, with the Inferno done and even the partying finished,  but not a bit of it. The high street was busy just after 8.00am and the 8.30am cable car was full to the door. Still more racers as it turned out, with the schools events continuing today.

It was a grey start to the day, with a blustery wind that would have done justice to Southend in November.  However, the skiers were ready for the day’s racing.  I shared the cable car with a couple of their course setters, who were disparaging on the whole of tourists and the need to share the mountain with them.

A couple of elite course setters

It did occur to me that without us tourists those elite racers would have nowhere to race. I kept my counsel though.  Start on that slippery slope and the next thing would be the gilets jaune  protests spreading from French roundabouts to Swiss ski slopes and that would never do.

A quick tourist jaunt round the mountain brought 3,315 vertical metres in 8 lift rides and 20 kilometres travelled.

Vive la revolution.

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