Not cold at all

The new ski boots enjoyed their third day on snow today.  So far, so good.  Only another 727 days to go and they will be as good as the last pair.

It was chilly in London yesterday.  It was downright cold in Lauterbrunnen at about 11.30pm last night.  Today, it was cold again for the Idle Skier, but it seems to have been a warm day for those who have skied all week.

I wasn’t sure I would make it back to Wengen last night.  A tiny bit of snow was forecast for the capital, which brings everything to a grinding halt normally.  It didn’t happen though, so I enjoyed a warm day in Wengen today.

The Silberhorn, early in the morning

The skiing was top drawer, with few people around.  This season goes from strength to strength; I cannot remember one better.  It’s time for an early night, as the mountain will call in the morning.  I will try not to mention the temperature in tomorrow’s post.  Unless it’s really cold.

A quick trot around the mountain brought 11,156 vertical metres in 24 lift rides  and 64 kilometres travelled.


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