Today, it snowed.  The sun shone elsewhere though.  It’s often the case, the Eiger is wrapped in cloud and in the far distance, the sun shines on Engelberg.

Towards Engelberg

The Idle Skiers spent a weekend there many moons ago.  It has a monastery and an odd T bar across a frozen lake. That’s all I can remember really, after 29 years, except that the sun didn’t shine at all that weekend.

It was Mrs IS’s firm’s European “social”, organised by the Zurich office.  A weekend of national stereotypes.  In the hotel, the London, Amsterdam and Munich offices went to the bar.  The Milan office gathered around the piano and rustled up a guitar from somewhere.  The Paris office ignored everyone else by and large.

There were few people around today of any nationality, but despite the cloud, the skiing was exceptional and the visibility not too shabby.  It was snowing heavily on the way home, so tomorrow might be a very good day.  Here’s hoping.

A cloudy, quiet day brought 9,891 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 54 kilometres travelled.


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