This morning, the cloud was just clearing when the Idle Skiers woke.  It promised to be a good day and so it proved.

However, was it Saturday really?  Apart from a short wait at the cable car – five minutes at most – it was quiet everywhere, all day.  The ski clubs were missing in the main part, which makes a big difference.  It is the Migros Grand Prix tomorrow, so parents and children alike must have been readying themselves for the big day.  As usual for this event, the forecast is poor.  Good for the rest of us, with a decent snowfall promised, but not great if you are planning a career with the Swiss ski team.

Anyway, those who didn’t turn up today missed a cracking time.  Last night’s cloud had brought new snow and all was well with the Wengen skiing world.

On the way to Tschuggen T bar

Late on the light faded, but it would be difficult to quibble about that.

Today was the fifth day wearing the new boots and so far, so very good.  The last pair were 130 on the flex index, just about as unforgiving as you can find (the least flexible being 140 and the most being 50, I think).  These are rated at 120, so not much less than last time, but much lighter and less bulky generally.  Ski boots too have moved on in recent years it seems.

Almost new boots

This photograph is by popular demand. “Popular” in this case being at least two people.

A  very good day’s skiing brought 9,711 vertical metres in 21 lift rides and 52 kilometres travelled.



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