Martians in the Jungfrau region

In 1898 H.G. Wells’ story The War of the Worlds was published for the first time in book form.  The novel told of a Martian invasion of the world, starting in Woking, of all places.  More of that in a moment.

The snow came last night as promised and it snowed all of today as well.  In fact, it came by the bucket load.  The Migros Grand Prix was diminished accordingly.  The races happened on schedule, for a change, but there were far fewer skiers this year.

Wengen was busy on Saturday evening.  The pub was full for the six nations rugby matches and the queue at the Co-op checkout was more impressive than the cable car on all but its busiest days.

Everyone stayed at home this morning though.  So the cable car and the Mannlichen area generally were quieter than might have been the case.

Over on Scheidegg, the Martian tall fighting machines from Wells’ novel seemed to have landed on the hill.

Mars attacks

Late in the day, the whole mountain was covered in cloud.  In the War of the Worlds the Martians were killed by earth bound viruses.  Today, they must have become lost in the fog.

A day spent earth bound on the Tschuggen T bar for the most part brought 7,670 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 49 kilometres travelled.

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