In the sunshine

It turned out that the Co-op queue on Saturday was bang on the nail.  Wengen is busy, or not quiet at least, and the cable car reflected that this morning.  Everyone headed up the hill to ski in the sunshine.

Sunny day

The Idle Skier queued for 20 minutes or so to board the cable car.  Mrs IS, an hour later, waited for a few minutes only, but a queue still.

It seems though that there were gremlins in the system.  Every lift this morning stopped and started.  Coupled with a few queues around the mountain, it wasn’t the best morning possible.

Not the best morning possible?  Did I really think that?  The new snow is great, the sky was blue.  What more is needed?  Anyway, when lunchtime came the crowds thinned out.  There is nothing which clears the hill more quickly than the prospect of  a table on a sunny terrace.

A disjointed morning, with lifts doing pretty much as they pleased, followed by a smooth running afternoon, brought 9,318 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 50 kilometres travelled.

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