Four million

The Idle Skier first came across in the 2012/13 season.  Since then, I have made careful track of my skiing.  It is addictive, I’m afraid.

Today was a landmark, of sorts, as I passed 4,000,000 vertical metres skied in those few seasons.  I have covered nearly 23,000 kilometres and spent an incredible 40 days on ski lifts.

I read the other day that most people spend the equivalent of 36 days a year on their smartphones.  Allowing for some overlap with time spent on the lifts, collectively, that does still take up quite a bit of the year.  Maybe I should play more golf; it would free up some time.

Today though was a great time to be on the mountain.  There was a goodish queue at the cable car this morning, but the crowds thinned out as the day went on.  It was colder than yesterday and the snow was perfect.  The sun shone all day.

Above Honegg chair lift

Tomorrow promises more of the same, so it is time to sign off and get some shut eye.

Today’s contribution to the 4,000,000 vertical metres total was 12,785 vertical metres in 27 lift rides and 66 kilometres travelled.

2 thoughts on “Four million

  1. Congratulations on achieving such a number of vertical meters.
    Here’s to the next 4 million!
    Hope you have celebrated your achievement today.


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