The sun shines on Wengen

It has been a pretty good week all in all.  The snow came a few days ago and since then the sun has shone more or less constantly.  That’s impressive compared with the last couple of years, when three hours of uninterrupted sunshine would lead to high fives all around.

The weather is set to change tomorrow,  with the possibility of some rain.  You never know around here though.  Even with satellite forecasting, the weather is what turns up on the doorstep and not what the experts think might happen.

The view from Eigernordwand 

This morning, the queue for the cable car was some way out of the door again.  The great thing though about the conditions at the moment is that absolutely everything is open, so people disappeared from the top station to all points, not to be seen again.

A busy start, followed by peace and quiet, brought  11,771 vertical metres in 25 lift rides and 61 kilometres travelled.

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