A grey dawn breaking

Looking back over recent posts, possibly all posts, I have noticed that the weather features frequently in my thoughts.  My first reaction was that I must change that in the future, but the truth is that, here in the mountains, the occurrence of sun, rain, snow or wind dominates our lives more than in the lowlands or any city. So we will just have to go with the weather.

The title of tonight’s post comes from John Masefield’s poem Sea Fever, but its sentiments apply equally to the hills.  Today was very much a grey dawn breaking.

The Eiger, grey and forbidding

It kept most people at home, but the skiing was exceptional.  At around 1.00pm the first flakes of snow drifted onto the mountain and by mid-afternoon it was snowing nicely.  At the moment, it is sleeting here in the lower part of the village, but the temperature is only just above freezing and it will be snowing on the hill. Tomorrow might be a good day to be skiing.

Skiline.cc is not co-operating tonight , so the statistics will have to be rolled over until normal service is resumed.

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