Today was a great day.  The sun shone all through, but it was cold enough to keep the snow honest.  It seems to be holiday week in Switzerland, but there were few queues really.

I am sure it will be different in a few days, with the English half term kicking in fully, but at the moment we should enjoy what we have.

From Blackrock in the afternoon 

Sunday, back in Wengen, seems to have turned out as anticipated by those of us on a train to Zurich airport.  The mountain closed, as did the cable car, but it reopened in the afternoon to take people down the mountain, albeit moving very slowly.

On Monday, after the wind and more snow, the chalet satellite dish was snowed up.  Mrs IS and a neighbour called in the local tech guy, who saved the day with a long handled brush.  Things can be difficult down here in the lower part of the village, or Upper Lauterbrunnen, as it is known to some people.

Today, day of days, brought 11,258 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 60 kilometres travelled.  Magnificent.


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