Evening out

The Idle Skiers were out and about this evening, enjoying excellent music at the Caprice hotel. It’s not every night we are out late, or even latish, slowed as we are by a heavy skiing calendar and a fondness generally for a bit of shut eye.

Once in a while though we push the boat out and make it through to, maybe,  11.30pm.    There are a couple of night clubs in Wengen, which don’t rely on our business, fortunately.

This morning, the Idle Skiers were away early.  It was crisp and bright and not too hot.  In fact, there was a coolish breeze all day.   It seemed quiet as well, without a  queue for the cable car.

At luchtime, Mrs IS went home to check out her deck chair and the Idle Skier was left with the mountain to himself.  Lunch was on a sunny bench facing the Eiger.

From the top of Tschuggen T bar 

The crowds turned up finally in the early afternoon, maybe straight from the airport.  Half term week is here and everyone trembles before it.

Another great day, somewhere close to the top of the list of superlatives, brought 10,723 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 54 kilometres travelled.

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