We are not alone

The Idle Skier was making his usual early departure from Wengen today, but with a busy day promised, an earlier than average start was made for the mountain.

“You will not be alone” were the words echoing in my ears as I passed a group of instructors on my way to the cable car.  Which proved to be the case; not the Martians I speculated about a couple of weeks ago, but the invasion of the half-termers had occurred with a vengeance.  Even thought it was not yet 8.30am, the cable car was running continuously and the crowds were starting to build up.

It does seem a particularly cruel trick to cram half term into a couple of weeks.  At least it’s not the Dutch school holidays as well, which coincide often, when the additional people cause all but the hardiest to abondon hope.  One of the advantages of a late Easter I think.

At the top, the sun was hitting the peaks, there was a chill to the air and it was clear another great day was in prospect.

Early sun

The Idle Skier made the most of the morning.  All to soon though it was time to point the skis towards Wengen; a disappointment lightened by a fantastic run on the downhill course.

It will be Friday before I return to Wengen.  It looks like a wonderful week in prospect, but it will be a crowded mountain.  For those skiing this week, to paraphrase Sgt. Esterhaus, be careful out there.

A quick journey around the mountain brought 3,758 vertical metres in 8 lift rides and 22 kilometres travelled.

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