Business as usual

The British half term crowds left today and the local skiers moved in for the weekend.  So it was business as usual today for this time of year, pretty hectic.

It is an odd thing about the season just now, the pistes never seem that crowded, but the lift queues are overly long.  That applies to the Co-op as well. The Idle Skiers choose the wrong queue there tonight as the people in front emptied a full trolley onto the conveyor and then, when it had all gone through finally, couldn’t get their payment card to work.  Patience is a virtue I recall and maybe this coming week we will be rewarded with some quieter skiing.

All in all though it was a good day, with some brilliant skiing in between a few longish waits for a lift.  After yesterday’s small hiccup, the sun shone again, with just a bit of haze in the afternoon.

The Lauberhorn in the mid-afternoon 

As good as the skiing is at the moment, we will be hoping for some snow soon, if only for a change. My weather app claims it will snow on Friday; let’s see.

A day of good progress on the piste and slowish uplift brought 8,089 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 48 kilometres travelled. The Lager lift was working again anyhow.



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