Crocodile Rock

It was the same yet again today, sunny and busy.  It seems though that the crowds were here for the weekend.  By 2.00pm it was quiet and a couple of hours later the Idle Skier had a solo run along the racecourse.  Almost like a World Cup skier, just very, very much slower.

Yesterday I learned for the first time that a crocodile can be found in the Bernese Oberland.  It sits unsmiling at the top of Tschuggen.

Crocodile Rock

Crocodiles were about the least surprising aspect of the weekend.  Late in the afternoon, when I was almost at the top of the Inner Wengen chair, I noticed someone walking up the piste under the lift.

Nothing unusual about that of course, save that he had a unicycle on his shoulder.   No, I can’t work that one out either.

A warm, sunny day complete with crocodiles and unicyclists brought 10,532 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 55 kilometres travelled.

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