Monday skiing

It feels like Sunday today, I suppose as I am travelling again.  It’s definitely Monday all day though and the mountain was quieter than the weekend just to prove the point.

The Idle Skier hauled himself from bed this morning and made it on to the first cable car.  It was worth the effort, with still warm pastries eaten on the cable car platform (not enough time for breakfast at home), the sun shining brightly and a definite chill to the air.

The cable car was full with Wengen’s early birds, but that was the end to the crowds. It was glorious skiing on empty pistes. It was perfect for the Idle Skier’s fiftieth day of the season.

Sun on the Silberhorn

I am writing this as my train approaches Spiez.  The lake today is like glass, the mountains are reflected on the surface and a solitary yacht is making slow progress towards Thun.

All of which makes returning to the real world a bit of a shock. I will be back later in the week when some colder weather, snow even, is still promised by the forecasters.

The happiest of Monday mornings brought 7,005 vertical metres in 15 lift rides and 38 kilometres travelled.

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