New Blue

Mrs IS is in the north of England, visiting family, so it is take away curry every night around here.  Only joking, honestly.  Apart from anything, the menu at the Indian restaurant is not that long. It is recommended highly though.

The Idle Skiers passed in transit yesterday, Mrs IS to Manchester and me to Zurich. Back in Wengen, afer two weeks of sunshine, the weather is like high summer still.   The snow holds up pretty well, despite everything.

On the piste, there has been an addition to the family.  A new run has been opened from Eigernordwand to a point near the top of the Falbodden lift.  That is ahead of the game; it has been built as part the V Bahn project, but the lift to Eigernordwand doesn’t open until 2020.

New Blue

It is benign now and empty as well, but what happens, I wonder, on a December day when the crowds are here and the ice is everywhere?  The piste is not very wide so it could be lively.

A sunny day, but with a chilly wind, brought 11,052 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 57 kilometres travelled.

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