A day’s difference

The snow started mid-morning, falling lightly at first and then heavily.  What had become green is now white again.  Okay, it doesn’t feel that winterish and outside at the moment, here in Upper Lauterbrunnen, the temperature is above freezing. However, all snow is welcome and more is forecast for the next few days, albeit mixed with some rain.

Above Holenstein

Most people gave the skiing a miss today, to the point that at mid-afternoon, the Wixi lift and the run below it felt like the Idle Skier’s own property.  The downhill course at the end of the day was empty until some way below Bumps T bar. It is still the half term holidays around Europe, but it didn’t seem like it today.

Tomorrow is forecast to be cloudy, with some snow later on in the day. Of course, anything might happen.

A snowy, quiet day brought 10,215 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 57 kilometres travelled.

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