Elvis rocks Wengen

Today couldn’t make its mind up weather wise.  It started poorly, improved with time and then slumped a bit in the early afternoon.  Late on the sun shone brightly.

Even though it started uniformly grey, plenty of people turned up to ski.  After an hour on the piste, I had managed three runs.  The queue at Lager mid-morning was impressive.  Lord Lucan might have been in the middle of that mass of people and gone unnoticed.  Shergar too would have had a decent run at anonymity.  Everyone abandoned the mountain by early afternoon, as usual, and it was great skiing for the rest of the day.

Every day though, whatever the weather and regardless of how many people turn up, Elvis overlooks Wengen from the other side of the valley.


There used to be a tee shirt hereabouts saying Elvis rocks Wengen, so I have stolen that idea unashamedly.  Maybe you can still buy it.  The Swiss Made shop would be the place to try.

A slow morning followed by a quicker afternoon brought 10,246 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 56 kilometres travelled.

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