Auto pilot

Sunday travel is so frequent, the Idle Skier functions pretty much on auto-pilot.  A series of train journeys, first from Wengen to Lauterbrunnen, the one to Interlaken Ost, followed by the Basel train, with a change at Berne and finally on to Zurich airport.  Tedious, but easy.

Auto pilot was nearly my comeuppance today as I headed for the Basel train at Interlaken Ost, only to realise it wasn’t going anywhere soon and I should be on a local train to Spiez, with another change there for Berne. I made it on to the correct train, but I might look at the timetable in future.

It was another glorious morning in Wengen, the start of what looks another busy week.  The 8.15am cable car was full, but the 70 skiers on board were soon lost on the mountain and the pistes were blissfully quiet for an hour or so.

Early morning sun 

The reward again for an early finish was a great ski to Innerwengen.  Back at the cable car, the queue was by then stretching out of the door.

Time to leave, I’m afraid.

A quick spin around the mountain brought 4,642 vertical metres in 10 lift rides and 16 kilometres travelled.

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