Mission Mozambique Trust

Tonight Wengen turned out for a small charity working to help orphaned children in Mozambique. A tremendous amount of work had gone into a what was a great evening of music, magic and ventriloquism (thank you, spell check, for that last word) and I am sure a decent amount of money was raised.  Apart from the entrance fee, Wengen skiers can usually work up a good thirst and the bar profits went into the kitty as well.

It’s been a funny old week generally.  When the Idle Skier eventually got himself organised on Sunday and arrived at Zurich airport as planned, the flight to London City was cancelled along with many other flights to a storm hit U.K.  Heathrow was still open, but the planes were full and the Idle Skier travelled to London via Frankfurt.

Thirteen hours door to door.  A colleague at the office said I could have flown to Mauritius in that time, which I am sure is true, but I doubt the skiing would be up to much.  Last night, on the return journey, the train terminated at Spiez due to engineering works.  They say travel broadens the mind, but sometimes it’s just very, very tiring.

Today on the mountain, we crammed in all seasons into a few hours, with rain, snow sun, fog and pretty much every other weather condition possible.

From Lager 

The sky was dramatic at times, though there were not many people around to see the clouds hustling across the horizon.

A spring like day brought 8,067 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 48 kilometres travelled.

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