Partying again

The organisers of last night’s first rate show for the Mission Mozambique Trust held their own party tonight at home.  It was excellent as well, with more music (including Mrs IS providing backing vocals for Take Me Home, Country Roads; was she forced into it; try stopping her I say) along with good food and wine.  Thinking about it now though, someone else should have been throwing them a party as a thank you.

If you are interested in the work of Mission Mozambique Trust, their website can be found here: missionmozambique

Back in Wengen, it seems we have beaten the odds weather-wise today, with a fine day trumping rain elsewhere in the country.

From Lager

It wasn’t all sunshine, but on the other hand, it wasn’t one of those uniformly grey days which lower everyone’s spirits. It was colder too and the clouds did bring a few snow flurries.

Another spring like day, albeit with a chill in the air, brought 10,689 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 53 kilometres travelled.

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